My support as a coach:


  • Personal support and advice in finding your goal

  • Change your vision of life (to be different in life)

  • Spiritual growth

  • Development on a personal level

  • Motivation focused on action

  • Motivation to develop more self-confidence (Believe in your own strength)

  • Learning to think in a focused way

  • Placing your wishes in realistic goals (you will really get started with yourself to achieve your wishes and goals)

  • Making choices according to your own hand (you have to learn to take big or small steps yourself to realize something in your life)


Content information about the coaching sessions:

  • An introductory meeting will take place prior to the session.

  • The coaching sessions do not have a mapped out route, it is mainly a route that is very personal that everyone experiences differently.

  • Discovering yourself is simply the best school for your (spiritual) development and creativity. 

  • The coaching sessions are tailored to the individual needs of the client.



Results achieved are:

  • Disabling obstructing beliefs and old patterns.

  • Better dealing with emotions and stress; let go of fears (fear of failure, fear of rejection), assertive reaction, handling, reinforcing feelings of happiness.

  • Think positive; transform vulnerability into strength, increase self-confidence, create success, from problems to possibilities, to goal-oriented thinking.

  • Create balance; in thinking-feeling-acting, in work and in private.

  • Enjoy everything that comes your way.


You can choose from:

  • A single session (possibly at your location)

  • Multiple sessions in a combination package (possibly at your location and quantity depends on the client)


To book successful results, it is advisable to book a session package so that a long-term solution for your blockades can be worked on.



Telephone sessions (possibility)

There are no reimbursement options from the health insurance policies.


For cancellations shorter than 24 hours in advance, I am forced to charge for the session. / 0031 [0] 6300 98 757

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