Bussiness Sessions


Embrace Treasures is founded from the starting point: it feels good in your skin and that happens when your inside is balanced with your exterior, or Personal Branding.


The focus here is on 'Personal'. I offer customization from transformation to meditation. This can be in the form of a training, workshop or advice.


Personal reflection

One day I realized the following: 'do I actually do what I like?'. What I see is that by conditioning we do not really know what we think is important.

By asking myself questions like; What do I like to do? What makes me happy? What do I have to offer? Each and every one of them very essential questions to ask yourself, I came a bit further to more insight. This also applies to the generation who have opted for all kinds of work and / or children and then suddenly ask themselves these questions.


I offer personal sessions, workshops or trainings and also advice to find a better balance between the personal qualities and I focus on what are your unique qualities, how can you show them more and find more balance between them.

Sessions between personal and business

In addition to personal sessions, I also offer workshops and training at business locations and also advice to find a better balance between your personal qualities and your business qualities in terms of your mind and spirit, focusing on what your unique qualities are and how you are. can use this best in a balanced way.


 embracetreasures@outlook.com / 0031 [0] 6300 98 757

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